Innovation Strategy

Leveraging trend, user, and other data, we create innovation trajectories for product lines, brands, and businesses.

Foundational Research

We understand market trends, competitive positions, technology trajectories, client visions, and channel dynamics from multiple perspectives. Using foundational research, we identify primary research targets to further explore for latent user needs.

Discovery Research

Using a wide range of exploratory research techniques, we reveal the needs, desires, and motivations that drive behavior. We explore tradeoffs and define value from each stakeholder’s perspective.

Opportunity Analysis

Using creative and analytical methods, we illustrate the potential and risks associated with pursuing different innovation opportunities. Working closely with senior management, we select a target direction, identify the variables we must pursue, and frame the requirements for success.

Viability Testing

New offerings are only successful when humanized and commercialized for the social and economic realities of the marketplace. Our research demonstrates needs, clarifies the value propositions, and details success requirements for all stakeholders.


To gain support for change, we illustrate future states as aligned priorities and focused strategy; by painting this picture, we help build a shared vision and appreciation for the product, service, or capability to be created.


We chart the future course by describing the business model, characterizing development efforts and timing, identifying risks, and creating risk mitigation plans. We also help clients with process coaching and development.